Personal log
2020-06-18: Note to self

Do not name an image "ad.png" and expect it to show in a browser with AdBlock Plus.

2020-05-28: Safety first!

Got meself an SSL certificate for! Yes, a free one from Let's Encrypt, but I'm relieved I got it working so quickly. Thought it'd be nigh impossible with my half-homebrew python server running the show, but it was actually quite straight-forward!
Now I just have to remember renewing it in 90 days 🙄
Edit: Or not! I was about to make a cron job, but apparently there was already one in place, checking every 12 hours! Must have missed that part when running certbot..

2019-10-30: New website!

I wonder if it's obvious that I simply kept the Apache test page and just changed the text?
I hope they don't mind.